Look For Some Like: Known Women That Has Dated Drake

This Saturday, Drake was scheduled to advise the planet that sure, they can act, as he assumes both music act and hosting duties for Saturday-night Live. As their internet dating lifetime has-been a significant influence on his tunes (think about every past really loves he’s label checked in his records), we are believing that psychological side of him will be utilized as determination for many pretty funny skits. This had you thinking about the female that Drake features tried to create his boo-thang since the guy walked inside spotlight, in addition to list contains many well-known ladies. These individuals chose to hug and tell:

Tika Sumpter

Sumpter has said before that she had a aˆ?little crushaˆ? throughout the rapper, in a job interview with Necole Bitchie, Sumpter said that before he managed to get large in music, they continued a night out together.

aˆ?That was actually one time. The cast [of Nickelodeon’s Best Friend’s big date] went to dinner. He was very nice. And that I recall your are like, aˆ?I’m focusing on songs,’ and then he sent myself some music, actually. Very yeah, he is started concentrating on sounds for some time. And I only remember- we always contact your Aubrey. And then he was actually merely very nice and extremely nice.aˆ?


Everybody knows it absolutely was this little woman just who starred part in Drake wanting to trading bottles (like…through the atmosphere) with Chris Brown, in which he accepted he spoken of their relationship during the song aˆ?Fireworksaˆ? from Thank us Later:

aˆ?i possibly could tell it was not love/ I just think you f-ed with me/ which might have forecasted/ happy Strike could have you caught with me…Damn, I kept my personal wits about me personally, thank goodness/ What happened between you that night they always seems to challenges me/ today all of a sudden, these gossip rags wish to manage me/ and you also making it feel like it simply happened this way because of me/But I found myself curious and I’ll always remember they baby/What an event, you coulda been the one/But it wasn’t that major, there was smoke in the air before before that has been me personally cleaning it/That noticed good…aˆ?

Tyra Financial Institutions

Despite the get https://datingranking.net/nl/christianconnection-overzicht/ older distinction (she’s today 39, he’s 27), Drizzy informed Ellen which he proceeded a romantic date to Disneyland using lady behind America’s After that best Model together with former football Illustrated cover woman:

aˆ?we went on a romantic date together one time, yeah. We decided to go to Disneyland in disguise in fact, that has been fun. I am not sure whether it was actually a romantic date. It had been a get with each other. We’re close at the same time.aˆ?

Kat Dennings

Drake had his vision regarding the 2 Broke women superstar for a while, and mentioned that someday she at long last offered in and continued a night out together with him. Unfortunately for Drake, Dennings did not call him right back after the reality:

aˆ?i simply constantly had a big crush on Kat Dennings and she is kind enough one-night to oblige me personally and we sought out for supper. They don’t really call me right back after one time in accordance with this.aˆ?

Zoe Kravitz

The gossip tend to be circulating that Kravitz and Drake were two now, in case they are not, they may be some most comfy pals. Drizzy reportedly features turned up at the lady shows along with her musical organization, they have been seen kissing at Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter globe trip tv show in Philly, and she is been viewed jumping off his private aircraft as well as on to their trip coach not too long ago.

Maliah Michel

Exactly who could forget about this charm, at first a master of Diamonds stripper who had been included just like the enjoy fascination with Drake’s aˆ?Find the Loveaˆ? movie. The 2 comprise in a relationship that lasted a short time, but Michel claimed he wasn’t attracted to this lady removing for a living and issues ended from that point:

aˆ?Honestly, from what I heard it had been ….it’s usually in this manner with dancing so in retrospect its so hard for dancers to capture affairs really because all things are great when it only enjoyable but as soon as guy actually starts to truly love your, oh, it’s their buddies. aˆ?You don’t understand this lady careeraˆ? but it is like aˆ?I am not sure, do you think you ought to be going this far?aˆ? Men and women be in their own ear; they never ever fails. It could be a typical Joe about street or an entertainer.

As dancers we usually see slack as soon as the chap starts to love you and need to simply take products one step furthermore.aˆ?

Serena Williams

It’s unknown how affairs went between Serena and Drake, nevertheless the rapper gushed across the golf superstar when talking to Complex:

aˆ?i truly, really love and take care of Serena Williams. She’s incredible. Which is anybody I’m proud to say i am aware. She is seriously inside my existence and I also’m in her life. It really is fantastic to watch the girl perform golf. Very impressive.aˆ?

This exact same love and maintain her did not improve rap artist Common also happier, because the two-ended up really unusual and thankfully short-lived rap meat.

Tatyana Ali

Are they or weren’t they? That was issue a year ago. All this emerged following the two are clicked along on the birthday celebration at Supperclub later just last year. Ali ultimately made an effort to solve the rumors they had been significantly more than buddies, but spent a lot of the girl interviews playing coy:

aˆ?they are absolutely brilliant. And I am an enormous lover of his…I becamen’t swallowing bottles such as that, but he got me personally a lovely bottles of champagne and it fell straight down from sky and I thought really unique.aˆ?

aˆ?The new prince, just got meal with Tatyana, no lie/All these 90’s dreams to my mind/The huge difference would be that with mine, they all be realized in due timeaˆ?

Bria Myles

Product Bria Myles had quite the consequence on Drake, as he talked about the lady in at the least two tunes: aˆ?Bria’s Interlude,aˆ? and a song from his latest record, aˆ?From times.aˆ? He recounted for the ladder of meeting this lady in Houston:

aˆ?Now it is restorative blowing money in the Galleria/Or Beverly Center Macy’s in which I realized Bria/Landmarks associated with muses that motivated the music/once I could tell it was sincere without tryna confirm itaˆ?

Dollicia Bryan

Video model Dollicia Bryan’s staff confirmed in 2011 that she and Drake had been products. The images ones canoodling when you look at the dance club undoubtedly generated that obvious. But just as rapid while they are along, they certainly were complete. There have been hearsay which they dropped on over homeboy putting on coloured associates…but that looks quite absurd therefore we’ll simply say they understood they certainly weren’t actually all that appropriate.

Look For Some Like: Known Women That Has Dated Drake

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