Straight Dudes of Reddit Shared Her More Intimate Same-Sex Activities, and Well, Wea€™re Shook

On r/AskReddit, u/Megapumpkin questioned a€?Straight guys of Reddit, what’s the many personal minute you’d with another chap?a€? A number of the responses were heartfelt, but some had a significant tinge of sadness – we are devastated that individuals believed some of these real thoughts must be a€?hiddena€? lest they be seen as homosexual.

This package dude afterwards pops up and present himself within the pretense a€?we heard you had been gay

My personal mother attempted committing suicide years back. She is hospitalized for a month. I was thinking i really could take care of it but per week or two after it happened, i acquired into a fight using my girl at a party and going crying. I possibly couldn’t prevent. We totally unraveled in a pal’s home. My closest friend place chinese dating sites review me inside the vehicles and now we drove around while we sobbed uncontrollably. I never been additional mentally unpredictable. The guy did not chat, he just drove about. He then fell me off at your home. I noticed really much better. The guy never also gives it to this day.

It is unfortunate that lots of right dudes become her many close moment with another chap must be held key or perhaps is shameful

I am direct but homosexual for this chap

My fraternity brother/roommate ended up being having a bad time. We were all drinking but he demonstrably had the more and texted an ex, and so I brought him back once again to the space to help keep a watch on your. He had gotten sincere sad and going whining, except he had been insecure about his masculinity so however cry for several minutes exactly how the guy felt around more guys, then reject he felt like can this cycle would returning every five minutes.

Finally we broke through to your that sensation like this is entirely okay and also close (better acknowledging than covering up it). I held your within my arms as he weeped for about half an hour. The guy stored trying to push back because their every impulse was advising him that the was not okay, but i recently shushed him and rubbed his back as I conducted him. The guy eventually calmed down and went to bed. That took place two weeks before therefore we have not discussed it however, but I’m happy the guy trusted me, and wish he aims me personally out if he is sense that way once again.

Though those are both reports of individuals being there per other, one recurring motif had been people experiencing awkward regarding it. As an example, u/Wompingsnatterpuss contributed his more romantic moment:

Chatting another guy of committing suicide. The guy just recommended someone to tune in. We hugged for a great 30 seconds and then he sobbed into my chest area. Embarrassing appearing back, in when he recommended they.

Why must that become awkward? As he says, the man necessary they. It is sad whenever discussing an intimate moment try embarrassing considering thought masculinity problems. This is exactly what we discuss once we say that harmful masculinity affects everyone else. There isn’t any pity in enjoying someone, helping another individual or becoming around for the next person, especially when they require your most.

Though that certain ended up being rather heavier, one of many funnier reports is u/MonsieurMagneta€?s a€?most romantic time’ facts that happened on his strategy to Japan. He was playing a fighting video game, while close by had been men playing the exact same video game and having best scores. As MonsieurMagnet places it:

I found myself battling to work through the most important period, and this also chap notices. So the guy stops playing their games, takes their palms, softly place them over mine, and moves my personal fingers and pushes my hands and so I can learn to would combinations together with the characters. I explore their sight, laughing from the absurdity of what this man had been undertaking. The guy smiles at me, and goes back to their video game.

Also the funnier, more content a€?most romantic time’ stories have the sting of poisonous manliness. The thread is peppered with a€?no homoa€? humor. And while a majority of these Reddit experts plan it a punchline, it simply happens off as a sad, vulnerable switch on an otherwise amusing facts.

I’d a girl in 9th class who, upon splitting up, told everybody else I was gay. a€? Demonstrated he was mistaken but we’re able to be friends. I’m 27 now and then he’s my companion, lol. I acquired a divorce and purchased a house and invited him to-be my personal roomie.

Straight Dudes of Reddit Shared Her More Intimate Same-Sex Activities, and Well, Wea€™re Shook

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